APC SmartUPS with AP9617

Can one download the configuration file (config.ini) for a SmartUPS with an AP9617 Managment Card?

Answer: Yes. Via / With FTP

There are several files available: apc_hw02_aos_361.bin, apc_hw02_sumx_358.bin, event.txt, data.txt, config.ini, and an sec Directory which has one file sshv1k.p15

config.ini has all of the settings.

The device responds to FTP commands;

open W.X.Y.Z
User Name:


! 	This command toggles back and forth between the operating system and ftp. Once back in the operating system, typing exit takes you back to the FTP command line.
? 	Accesses the Help screen.
append 	Append text to a local file.
ascii 	Switch to ASCII transfer mode.
bell 	Turns bell mode on or off.
binary 	Switches to binary transfer mode.
bye 	Exits from FTP.
cd 	Changes directory.
close 	Exits from FTP.
delete 	Deletes a file.
debug 	Sets debugging on or off.
dir 	Lists files, if connected.
dir -C = lists the files in wide format.
dir -1 = Lists the files in bare format in alphabetic order.
dir -r = Lists directory in reverse alphabetic order.
dir -R = Lists all files in current directory and sub directories.
dir -S = Lists files in bare format in alphabetic order.
disconnect 	Exits from FTP.
get 	Get file from the remote computer.
glob 	Sets globbing on or off. When turned off, the file name in the put and get commands is taken literally, and wildcards will not be looked at.
hash 	Sets hash mark printing on or off. When turned on, for each 1024 bytes of data received, a hash-mark (#) is displayed.
help 	Accesses the Help screen and displays information about the command if the command is typed after help.
lcd 	Displays local directory if typed alone or if path typed after lcd will change the local directory.
literal 	Sends a literal command to the connected computer with an expected one-line response.
ls 	Lists files of the remotely connected computer.
mdelete 	Multiple delete.
mdir 	Lists contents of multiple remote directories.
mget 	Get multiple files.
mkdir 	Make directory.
mls 	Lists contents of multiple remote directories.
mput 	Send multiple files.
open 	Opens address.
prompt 	Enables or disables the prompt.
put 	Send one file.
pwd 	Print working directory.
quit 	Exits from FTP.
quote 	Same as the literal command.
recv 	Receive file.
remotehelp 	Get help from remote server.
rename 	Renames a file.
rmdir 	Removes a directory on the remote computer.
send 	Send single file.
status 	Shows status of currently enabled and disabled options.
trace 	Toggles packet tracing.
type 	Set file transfer type.
user 	Send new user information.
verbose 	Sets verbose on or off.