APC AP9211 VS AP9217

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Given the age of the APC AP9211 and AP9217 MasterSwitch / MasterSwitches, it is suprising that this is the first time the following question has been explicitly answered;

  • What is the difference between an AP9211 and AP9217 model?
  • Short Answer: 4 Amps and .6 pounds
  • Longer Answer: The AP9211 has a maximum amperage rating of 15 Amps and the AP9217 is rated at 20 Amps (which apparently causes it to weigh more too, most likely because of the heavier / lower gauge cord and plug). The plugs are different too. The AP9211 has the standard household NEMA 5-15 plug and the AP9217 has the "Turn-Lok" style NEMA L5-20 plug.