Asterisk and FreePBX MOH Music on Hold
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Upload the new music files via the FreePBX interface. That's the easy part. First it has to be in the proper format. After 2012 or so, Asterisk can handle almost any MP3 or WAV file. But they still need to be in a specific format. The recommendation is WAV, 8000 kb/s, Mono, 16-bit PCM.

And then there's also how to get Asterisk / FreePBX to play that music without restarting the entire server. Applying the setting or amportal restart won't work (although it should). Do the following as a solution;

  • touch /etc/asterisk/musiconhold.conf (this changes the "last modified" time stamp without modifying the file, which is necessary for the next step)
  • asterisk -rvvvv (enters the asterisk "command line")
  • moh reload (reloads the "MOH Module" AND thanks to the change in the time stamp for the musiconhold.conf file, that file is also read again, which is necessary)