Cockpit and Linux Stupidity
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Yup another stupid thing. And not trying to pick on Linux here, just a title. EVERY OS has stupid stuff. But below is one for Linux, specifically Red Hat / Rocky Linux

The Setup

Make sure you have Webmin installed. Now go and view Bootup and Shutdown under System (and if you want to find the config file for this module, look in /etc/init, makes sense, huh?, yes, but in a warped familiar sort of way). Do you see all the columns, like Service name Service description, Service status, Start at boot?, and Running now? Good! Super! Everything is working.

Now log into Red Hat's / Rocky Linux's cool new Cockpit Web Interface.

Now go back to Webmin (and refresh the Bootup and Shutdown list). Oh, no! Most of the columns are gone! It's broken!

What's Really Going on?

It isn't broken. Scroll down to cockpit-wsinstance-https@REALLY_FORKING_LONG_UUID.service That's the issue. The service name Cockpit creates is so stupid long that all the other Webmin columns disappear (or "Go Missing" for all you Brits out there, PS, there's a single word for this that was invented, and you guessed it, it is disappeared).

Test It

Use your browser's capability to reduce the size of the text and the columns will slowly come into view.

Solution / Make it Webmin work again

Log out of the Cockpit session, systemctl stop TheReallyLongStupidNameOfTheCockpitService, and for good measure systemctl restart cockpit

Back in action!

Who's at Fault?


Webmin, how about using this thing called a horizontal scroll bar when things get pushed off the side?

Cockpit and / or Red Hat (Rocky Linux), really, it needs a name that forking long?

You and me for tolerating this crap and not volunteering our time to fix it!

Rant over. Out...