DNS Tracking with BIND

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If you want to "spy" on a program and see if it is "calling home", it can be done with BIND / NAMED. Remember, BIND / NAMED keeps its lookup cache in RAM, so it needs to be dumped into a file to read (IE, it's a multi-step process)


Add the following in the Options section of /etc/bind/named.conf (or whatever directory the configuration file is in)

  •         dump-file "/var/cache/bind/named_dump.db"; (That's usually the default path, with any file name desired)

Command for Viewing File

rndc dump -cache (older version used a 'double dash': rndc dump --cache)

Find the String You're Looking for

grep "WhatEverStringYou'reSeachingFor" /tmp/cache/bind/named_dump.db


There might be a slight delay if you ping a site, then dump the cache to a text file, and find the site pinged isn't listed. Wait a couple of seconds and then dump it again.