Desktop Icons with Desktop Save and Restore
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Desktop Save and Restore is a GREAT program, but I believe there is a minor flaw in their latest release (2016 as of this writing) as it relates to Win 10 and Server 2K16. I'm not going to go into the 'great' part as I'd end up writing pages and pages of how useful this program has been to me (and yes I've donated $).

Anyway, there's a minor flaw where all the Icons realign on the far left in alphabetical order every time the screen is refreshed.

Solution? Google 'IconCache'... OK, got that done, now do this; Right Click, select View, and uncheck Align to Grid. Restore your desktop if necessary. And now check off Align to Grid. Good to go.

Weird, right? I could expand so many details of this story, but I've only got a few minutes tonight. Hopefully this helps someone. Thanks for reading!