Geographic Location for Web Browsers
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...if you don't want "the man" to know where you are, a Privacy Tab is not enough in a Web Browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.)


Try various settings in Firefox... But, if there are a bunch of protection plugins installed, video services like Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc. will put up an error message that says "Update your browser" (even if it is up to date).

How about Chrome? Nope, tried this: (cumbersome and it didn't work either, has Firefox Setting too). OK, how about Location Guard, nope, behind the scenes Chrome is doing a bunch of "evil" stuff their founders swore they'd never do. Chrome is just looking out for you, right? (NO!)

Microsoft Edge (yes, it's really Chrome, but with MS flavoring): In the end, Location Guard works best in Microsoft Edge. But make sure other DRM features aren't disabled.


  • In the Address Bar, type: edge://flags
  • In the search field, type: DRM
  • Make sure both the PlayReady and Widevine features are enabled or set to default (it maybe necessary to clear all browser cache and restart the browser too)
    • NOTE: This will make it impossible to do screen captures for video content, so be prepared to switch it back.