ISpy and Older Cameras
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iSpy is an open source video surveillance application (software). It claims to be able compatible with a large number of cameras from many different vendors. And it is.

I have an "all in one" (cameras, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), storage disks, etc.) surveillance system with 8 cameras. In addition to that I also have several old indoor cameras that have PTZ (Point, Tilt , and Zoom) capability, along with a new outdoor camera with the same features (plus its waterproof). My "all in one" surveillance system has been limited by the vendor to handle only eight cameras.

The iSpy web site has lots of cool information about camera vendors and how to gain direct access to their video feeds. Below is the information for my cameras. I was able to test each one with VLC (originally VideoLAN Client) media player. I also discovered that web browsers used to support a myriad of different protocols and plugins that have been deprecated because of security concerns as the software was build on Netscape technology.

Tenvis TH661 (bought circa 2015)

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol): rtsp://UserName:Password@IPAddress:554/11 (11, 21, 31, 41, etc. all work too, plus 2, 22, 32, etc. provides a lower resolution stream)

HTTP: Not available (tried the videostream.cgi? URL, but it didn't work)

JPG "Snapshot": http://UserName:Password@IPAddress/tmpfs/auto.jpg (as of Internet Explorer 7 and later, IE does not support including a user name and password in a URL KB834489)

Secure Digital Card: http://UserName:Password@IPAddress/tmpfs/sd (the rest of the file system is available up one level too.)

iSpy Information:

Vonnic C907IP (AKA WanLink NC541W, Foscam FI8908W, Zmodo CM-I11123BK, EasyN FS-613A-M136, Agasio 502W, and other brands too) (bought 1.2012)

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol): Not supported

HTTP: http://IPAddress/videostream.cgi?user=UserName&pwd=Password&resolution=8&rate=13

JPG: UserName:Password@IPAddress/snapshot.cgi

iSpy Information: (my model wasn't listed, but I tried a few URLs from the other listed cameras and got some to work)

LaView LV-KNTX968PW4-88 (bought 2018)

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol): rtsp://UserName:Password@IPAddress:8554/PSIA/streaming/channels/101 (for other camera channels, Camera 1 = 101, Camera 2 = 201, etc.)

iSpy Information: (...but this only applied to IP Cameras, not the DVR, but this website had the key information: for providing the above mentioned URL (I couldn't find it in any documentation))

Boavision HX-HD20M910AS (bought 2019)

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol): rtsp://UserName:Password@IPAddress/1/h264major (audio works too)

JPG: http://UserName:Password@IPAddress/auto.jpg (or http://UserName:Password@IPAddress/tmpfs/auto.jpg)

Secure Digital Card: http://UserName:Password@IPAddress/tmpfs/sd (the rest of the file system is available up one level too.)

iSpy: (they didn't have my exact model number, but there were three models that started off with the same six characters and it worked when I tried it)

I get the impression the same company that was sourced as the manufacturer for the Vonnic, Agasio, and Boavision cameras is the same company given the similar file structure available via HTTP, plus the fact that from the outside many of their cameras are the same.

This means I can install iSpy on one of my servers and have an additional surveillance system that can facilitate using all of my cameras. The lesson is to not buy an "all in one" surveillance system if you want to use cameras from another manufacturer. It's easier, which is why I bought it in the first place, but it is also far more limiting.