LaView - RTSP
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The LaView series of NVR / DVR devices support RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol). This means that additional devices or software can also view the camera streams.

Example IP Address: rtsp://

Note: For the IP Address, of course replace the above one with the IP Address of your device.

Note: For the camera channels, Camera 1 = 101, Camera 2 = 201, etc.

Note: For the port, I noticed two items. One, for the RTSP, there was no "other" or "more" tab available as noted in the documentation. However, two, I noticed that in the Network, Basic Settings it listed the different protocols available, with RTSP being one of them, on port 8554 (standard default reserved port is 554). far as the rest of the URL, I have no idea how the below mentioned person ever found it.

Special thanks to: for providing the above mentioned URL (I couldn't find it in any documentation)