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...well, here we go. First complaint is against Google and just about every website and person that writes about MACs (sort of excluding Apple). Why? Straight forward answers. Below are some examples;

What Directory are macOS Operating System Upgrades Stored in when Downloaded from the "App Store"?

Finder Answer: Applications

Terminal Answer: /Applications

What does the .APP File Extension Indicate?

Normal Answer: An Application Bundle

Real Answer: It's actually a Directory that contains other Directories and Files

Windows Answer: .APP is sort of equivalent to .CAB Files, but more accessible.

Linux Answer: .APP is sort of an equivalent to an .RPM, but more and less.

How Can You Create an USB Drive with the Installer (.APP Files and stuff) on it?

See: (thanks Apple)

Other Useful Links

List of Apple OS's to Download or "AppStore Install":

Research the MacBook Model # and EMC #: and

Figure out the 'maximum' macOS Version to use: (scroll down towards the bottom for a chart)

If you got it wrong and installed a macOS Version that isn't compatible with your hardware: Press Power, then Command+R or

Firefox 78.15.0esr (for when you discover that macOS's 10.10 (Yosemite) version of Safari no longer (in the year 2024) has the ability to connect to or