NTFS 3G Issues with OpenWRT

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There's an odd issue with the NTFS-3G software with OpenWRT. It works great most of the time. But sometimes it slows down. Along with that is some unusual CPU usage by the NTFS.MOUNT process.

Restart the NTFS.Mount Process

...nope, not with the service command. The process can be killed off. But it produces a really, really odd error. It unmounts the drive, but SAMBA continues to allow writing to it.

Unmount and Remount it


  • umount -l /mnt/sda2
  • mount -t ntfs -o noatime,nls=utf8,big_writes /dev/sda2 /mnt/sda2

Nope, that doesn't seem to work either.

Remove and Insert a Kernel Module

  • lsmod
  • No NTFS-3G, oh wait, it uses FUSE, so: rmmod fuse

Nope, that doesn't work, even though there are no dependecies. OK, how about modprobe -rf? Nope, only a neutered version of modprobe is availalbe with the -q switch. So modprobe -q fuse. Nope nothing, none of that works.

Restart Router

Yup, the good 'ole fashion Windows solution works every time.