OpenWRT DNS Upgrade for BIND or NAMED
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Watch out if upgrading to BIND / NAMED version 9.16.28-1 with OpenWRT!

It will upgrade everything just fine, but it won't work after the upgrade.

Here's the error (and if you put it in quotes, as it is displayed by OpenWRT, this will be the only result from Google): udp.c:240: fatal error: uv_udp_init_ex failed: invalid argument

Why? Apparently there is some obscure function in the LIBUV1 package that the new version of Bind needs.

What about dependencies? Apparently LIBUV1 isn't a dependency of BIND / NAMED. But wait! See below;

Here's the command to see what is dependent upon libuv: opkg whatdepends libuv


What depends on libuv1

        netdata 1.30.1-2        depends on libuv1
        bind-libs 9.16.28-1     depends on libuv1
        bind-dig 9.16.28-1      depends on bind-libs
        bind-server 9.16.28-1   depends on bind-libs
        bind-check 9.16.28-1    depends on bind-libs it is a dependency?

Here's the command to see what bind-server depends on: opkg depends bind-server

bind-server depends on:
        bind-libs it isn't a dependency?  But the previous command indicated it was.

...notice the issue?  Hmmm...  Dear OpenWRT, please fix the dependencies for bind-server.

Mind blowing isn't it? And the issue is the 'tough way around'. Instead of knowing what the dependencies are for bind-server, you have to know what the dependencies are for it, which sort of negates the used of any commands to figure out what the dependencies are (other than Googling it). WTF?!?!?!?

Thanks to this person for the hint: