OpenWRT WiFi or Wireless on an x86 or x86 64
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Useful Commands

Configures /etc/config/wireless file: wifi config

Shows Network Adapters Available and their capabilities: iw list

Shows PCI Devices: lspci

Shows USB Devicse: lsusb


  • kmod-cfg80211, hostapd, wireless-regdb, iw, and iwinfo
  • hostapd-common and wpad: for WPA and other wireless protocols (restart needed)
  • kmod-ath9k-htc (for AR9271 USB Deviceswi

For Drivers to Support Access Point / AP Mode, look for "AP";

        Supported interface modes:

                 * managed

                 * AP

                 * AP/VLAN

                 * monitor

                 * mesh point

Known Good Wireless Adapters: AR9271 (yup, that's it so far)