OpenWRT on WZR 600DHP
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How can OpenWRT be installed on a Buffalo WZR-600DHP Router / Wireless Access Point with either the Buffalo or DD-WRT Firmware installed on it? By following the instructions at the below links? Spoiler Alert! Nope.

So how can it be done? Answer: via TFTP.

Below are the instructions to do it using Windows. Linux can also be used, but the "ARP" and TFTP Commands are slightly different.


  • Connect the Buffalo Router to the Windows Computer via an 'intermediary' Ethernet Switch. IE connect the Buffalo Router to an Ethernet Switch, then connect the Windows Computer to the same Ethernet Switch. Why? Because Windows will not activate its network interface
  • Set the IP Address of the Computer to: (default Gateway and DNS Server are irrelevant). The default IP Address of the Buffalo Router is
  • Issue the below command. Note: "Ethernet" is the name of the Ethernet Adapter in Windows"). Using the ARP command was the "old fashion" way of doing it, but some claim it is 'unreliable' (highly questionable, show me the proof because I doubt it).
    • netsh interface ipv4 add neighbor "Ethernet" 02-aa-bb-cc-dd-20
  • To 'reverse' the above command (after the Router is flashed with the new firmware), use the below command. Why? Because the above command automatically makes it a persistent ARP entry.
    • netsh interface ipv4 delete neighbor "Ethernet" 02-aa-bb-cc-dd-20
  • At a Command Prompt, type the below command, but don't press Enter yet. "ThisOne.bin" should be changed to whatever the name of the firmware file is. Oh, make sure to grab the OpenWRT file for the router that has "tftp" in the name (as opposed to 'sysupgrade' or 'factory')
  • On your mark! OR Ready!: Plug the Router in.
  • Get Ready! OR Steady!: Wait about 8 seconds. Then watch for Green LED on rear of router that's between the USB Eject Button (dull pink) and the USB Port to blink one time.
  • Go!: A second or two after the above noted LED blinks one time, all of the LED indicators on the Ethernet Ports will simultaneously light up, PRESS ENTER!
  • After a brief pause, if successful, you'll be greeted with one of the below messages (or similar);
    • Transfer successful: 4194340 bytes in 1 second(s), 4194340 bytes/s
    • Transfer successful: 4194340 bytes in 2 second(s), 2097170 bytes/s
    • Transfer successful: 4194340 bytes in 3 second(s), 1398113 bytes/s

Regardless of how many seconds it takes, the byte count is still the same.

Wait for about 60 seconds and the OpenWRT firmware will respond at:

And finally an "Urban Legend": All LEDs on Ethernet Ports flash when firmware is uploading.  NOPE!