OpenWRT x86 64 Style
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...don't know where to start on this, so just some quick notes.

Working on a Supermicro X11SBA-LN4F. Got everything installed (see ), but... Yup, you guessed it an issue. Why would there not be? And a misleading issue too.

What happened. Install went great. Booted up the first time and everything continued to be great. And then it crashed. But it turns out it didn't crash. It switched video modes and no longer output video to the VGA port. It just stopped. Instead of a long confusing description of what happens with OpenWRT on a Supermicro X11SBA-LN4F, here are the bullet points of how it functions.

  • ...everything assumes OpenWRT has been properly, successfully installed, and a monitor is plugged into the VGA Port
  • The boot process starts, pauses on the GRUB like interface where one can select OpenWRT ("regular / normal") or OpenWRT "Fail Safe Mode" (Hint: It doesn't matter which one chooses as the rest of the steps are the same for either mode.
  • Boot process continues and seems to be working properly up until about the 1.5 second mark past the GRUB 'select an OS to boot' screen. Then nothing. A black screen (at least Windows does a pretty blue screen)
  • If one knows the IP address (IE,, the system will be found to be responsive, so it didn't crash. So what's up with the black screen?

Answer to "The Black Screen of Nothing":

  • Install OpenWRT;
    • Download: x64, Combined, EXT4 (or SquashFS, but no, SquashFS in this instance makes no sense, yet can be done), 19.07.10 (or higher, but still in the 19.x range)
    • "UnZip": gunzip WhatEverImageFile.img.gz
    • Install (from Linux USB Boot Device): dd if=WhatEverFile.img bs=1M of=/dev/sdX
    • Expand Partition Size to something Useful: cfdisk
  • Install Intel 540x 10 GB Ethernet: kmod-ixgbe
  • Install lspci and other utilities: opkg install pciutils

Do NOT enable /overlay or /boot in /etc/config/fstab or via the LuCI GUI as it will hose the boot process