Restic for OpenWRT
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The Restic Repository can get quite large. Two commands to reduce the size are;

...but first, make a backup of the full repository, just in case.

restic forget WhatEverID -r WhatEverRepository

This will remove most snapshots (not all but one, like it implies): restic -r WhatEverRepository forget --keep-last 1

For safety reasons, restic refuses to act on an “empty” policy. For example, if one were to specify --keep-last 0 to forget all snapshots in the repository, restic will respond that no snapshots will be removed. To delete all snapshots, use --keep-last 1 and then finally remove the last snapshot ID manually (by passing the ID to forget).

Then run this to reduce the repository size: restic prune -r WhatEverRepository

restic -r WhatEverRepository check (possibly with --no-cache option)

restic -r WhatEverRepository rebuild-index

For information about the repository: restic -r WhatEverRepository stats

If one gets the "repository is already locked" error message with a PID that doesn't exist, even after rebooting the router, then use this command: restic unlock -r WhatEverReposity

Apparently Retic will forever remember a lock. Even if it happened years ago.