Rocky Linux LIVE and CP
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OK, this is beyond the pale. For you genzers out there that means dumb as a stump stupid.

Try this in a command prompt / terminal with Rocky 8 or Rocky 9 live where some files already exist and you want them overwritten: cp --force /Source /Destination

Don't FORKING work, does it?

Solution: /bin/cp --force /Source /Destination

Yup, that's right, gotta use the entire path to the CP executable file.

Wait, why?

Answer: Type this command: alias cp (it will return cp -i, where -i = Interactive)

Again, WHAT THE FORK!?!?!?

Why on this planet would anyone have the default for a user set to that? There is no excuse. It's just plain stupid. Oh, and shouldn't really blame Rocky Linux here as it's probably a Red Hat issue. But as of 2020 or so when they did the whole CentOS Stream BS (Why do you need two up stream distributions, Fedora is already there?) and what they did recently with their source code access, what do you expect from idiots like that?

Special Thanks to Aji on StackExchange for the hint: