Rocky Linux and Disk Imaging
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Is there an equivalent to Acronis Products, O & O BackUp, etc. for Linux? Spoiler alert! Not anymore (there was way back in the Acronis 9.5 days, O & O never supported Linux).

OK, how about Clonezilla or Rescuezilla? They're great, but one is required to boot from an ISO Image. So not so great for those nightly automated backups like Acronis, O & O, and many other do in Windows (thank you VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service))

Let's keep looking. FSArchiver! Yup, it supports "SnapShots" (equivalent to VSS in Windows) via ruBackUp

How about Bacula or BareOS? Sure, but it's complicated. So back to something simple, so back to FSArchiver. Well, sort of. What about "live" backups? IE, no need to reboot to a Clonezilla ISO or CD. Clone a live / running OS, sort of like how Acronis and other software for Windows has been doing it for more than a decade using the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) Service, AKA "Snap Shots".

OK, RUBackUp then. Cool.

  • Directory for BackUp Configuration Files Default Location: /etc/rubackup.d
  • rubackup --config '/etc/rubackup.d/Rocky8_ROOT-Partition_to-FSArchive.yaml' --loglevel 6 --logfile /var/log/Rocky_ALL-Partition.log
  • Example Configuration File (even though the -v (Verbose Option) is included, it doesn't really work to show progress);
    day_of_week: Sun
    day_of_month: 1

        daily: 7
        weekly: 0
        monthly: 0

        backup_type: ModuleBackupFsarchiver
        backup_schedule: Rocky8_ALL-Partitions_Schedule
            description: 'BackUp of ROOT Partition on SSD (excluding BIOS, BOOT, and SWAP)'
                - '/tmp/*'
                - '/var/tmp/*'
                - '-Z1'
                - '-j2'
                - '-v'
                - block_device: /dev/rl/root
                  snapshot_type: lvm
                  snapshot_size: 1024M
        bakfile_dir: /mnt/sdd1/BackUps/ruBackUp/Rocky8_ROOT-Partition
        bakfile_owner: root
        bakfile_group: root
        bakfile_mode: 0600
        bakfile_basename: Rocky8_
  • Restore a BackUp
    • If a duplicate partition (Volume if LMV) is mounted;
    • If not, create a partition (LVM, etc) ideally equal in size to the original (it can be as small as the expanded size of the backup)
    • fsarchiver restfs /mnt/sdd1/BackUps/ruBackUp/Rocky8_ROOT-Partition/Rocky8_-20230207.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/VG_01_Clone/root