Ubiquiti to OpenWRT

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...just some rough notes on accessing a Ubiquiti device (not Ubiquity)

Device: Ubiquity UniFi AP AC Pro Generation 2 (with system board that says Generation 2, but doesn't match any other picture on the internet for a Generation 2 device)

Default IP Address: (but watch out, if a DHCP server is available, it will obtain an IP from that pool, so check the MAC address on the bottom of the Ubiquiti device and find it in the DHCP Server's leases)

Default SSH Password: ubnt /ubnt (press the reset button to reset to factory defaults if this doesn't work)

Strategy: Ditch the Ubiquiti Firmware and install OpenWRT.

Install version 3.7.58 firmware (the below assumes the file is renamed to 3.7.58.bin). And this firmware is difficult to find as Ubiquiti does not make available on their website. The links found were not the most reliable, so have not been included here. Do a search and try and find it. The file size is 7.4 MB (Windows size, so 7,766,016 bytes).;

  • scp root@WhatEverIPAddress:/3.7.58.bin /tmp (make sure it has access to a Linux device to use SCP)
  • fwupdate.real -m /tmp/3.7.58.bin (the ".real" supposedly updates the boot code)

Install OpenWRT;

  • scp root@WhatEverIPAddress:/OpenWRT_SysUpgrade.bin /tmp (pick your version, ubnt_unifiac-pro-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin in this example)
  • mtd write WhatEverOpenWRTFileName.bin kernel0
  • dd if=/dev/zero bs=1 count=1 of=/dev/mtd4
  • Reboot the device: reboot
  • ..."look for it" at
  • And then head on over to: AC Series Recommended Software and Utilities - Wiki.TerraBase.info, and install some utilities that will allow for connecting a USB Flash drive so some real software can be installed on the little guy (not enough internal storage). Hint: Use the "minimal install".

...and if that don't work, break out the soldering iron and attach some pins for JTAG / Serial.