WRT Series COPY MTD Partitions

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What happens if you've got everything configured perfectly on a WRT series router. Well, back it up first of all. But what if you want more? Remember, the WRT Series of routers is configured such that they have two partitions for fail safe booting. How about configuring everything on that second partition the same way as on the first? Well, that's a lot of work. Why not just copy the entire partition? OK, here's how;

  • Make a copy of the source partition (this example In the LuCI GUI, System, BackUp / Flash Firmware, Save mtdblock contents, Choose mtdblock (ubi is the currently booted partition, assuming /overlay isn't used), Save mtbblock
  • Copy it to a flash drive and plug it into the router
  • Execute this command to copy it to the secondary partition (ORIENT YOURSELF!, IE make sure you know which mtb block is the current booted one, then use the below second link to determine which MTB block is the current one, and which one the image is being copied to, this example uses a WRT32X with an image file named WRT32X.bin on the first SDA with the current UBI boot partition as MTD6, with a copy of that image being put on MTD8): mtd write /mnt/sda1/WRT32X.bin /dev/mtd8

...that's it for cloning the primary MTD partition to the secondary MTD partition for a WRT Series router. Keep in mind, this article is for advanced users experienced with WRT routers.

More information here: https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/mtdand https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/wrt32x(or ...wrt3200acm, wrt1900ac, wrt1900acs, etc.)