Windows 10 Update
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If you're sick and tired of Microsoft pushing updates for a Windows 10 computer, restarting when it wants to, etc., there is a way to stop it. Unfortunately, in Microsoft's grand wisdom, it also effectively stops updates of major versions.

This article isn't about stopping Windows from doing updates on its time line. It's about walking back from those settings (temporarily) when major updates need to be installed.

The hint came from here:

The two key errors were;

Window 10 Update Error

That was solved with a hint from here:

With this information: Go to Start > search, right-click gpedit.msc & select "Run as administrator" > go to "Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Store" > double-click on "Turn off Automatic Download and Install of updates" > select Enabled > click OK, then do the same for "Turn off the offer to update to the latest version of Windows" too.

At that point Windows Update would eventually get it downloaded and installed. However, it will annoyingly claim there are not any updates for about a day (until it is good and ready to say, "...oh, wait, there are updates"). So to force the issue, a hint from here explained how:

Which lead to this site from Microsoft to download a utility to force the updated:

Another way to get the update is to download the ISO file, again instructions from Microsoft:

Oh, and if you have an older version of Daemon Tools (with an updated version of SPTD), that will need to be reinstalled. And if one is running Classic Shell, that will need to be uninstalled first, then re-installed if there's any hope of having it work again.