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If you've got the perfect WordPress website and want to copy it, here's how to do it. Perfect here is more focused on the backend and administrative stuff, not the content of the site. IE, Plugins, custom themes, and other customizations, etc.

It's a lot like 'moving' a WordPress website, but with some extra stuff.

*.dll, *.exe, *.png, *.jpg, *.webp, *.bcmap, *.z, *.tmp, *.pdf, *.zip, *.pack, *.idx, *.swf, *.ORIGINAL

File Contents

Utilities (for Windows)

  • Advanced Find and Replace ($)
  • Find and Replace (Free, with requested donations)
    • Suggested Exclude Mask: *.dll, *.exe, *.png, *.jpg, *.webp, *.bcmap, *.z, *.tmp, *.pdf, *.zip, *.pack, *.idx, *.swf, *.ORIGINAL
    • Suggested Settings: Case Sensitive (turn it ON)

Utilities (for WordPress)

  • String Locator


  • This command will locate strings within files;
    • grep -Ril WhatEverStringToSearchFor WhatEverPathToSearch
    • -R = Recursive (IE, search sub-directories)
    • -i = Ignore Case (IE, make the string that is being searched for Case Insensitive)
    • -l = Only list the File Names that contain the searched for strings in the results (That's an L (El), not an I (eye) for the switch)