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Short Side Complaint

In doing this article, I needed to get the names of a couple of different plugins available from WordPress for a different article. In doing the search I was surprised by something. Here's what happened;

I did a search for "Fly Dynamic Image Resizer" in the WordPress plugin installer to find it so I could easily install it. That's the actual, factual, name / title of the plugin. It was the seventh result returned. There were six others in front of it. None of which had the term 'fly' anywhere in their title, description, or even at the end of a word (I checked). How is that even possible? An algorithm trying to think again, that's what. Oh, I've got an idea: Don't think for me. You're a machine. Do what I tell you to do. You can certainly suggest alternatives, but it is rude, stupid, and useless to put six results in front of the explicit term. An no, quotes don't even work with the WordPress search like they sometimes do with Google, to search for an exact term. Oh, but it gets even better, reversing the words to 'Fly Dynamic' returns better results than 'Dynamic Fly' And, different WordPress sites return different results. And yes, there is a special plugin installed on one of the sites I tested from that I didn't think had any influence on search done on the admin pages for plugins (maybe it does).

Dynamic Fly Original Search Results

Dynamic Fly Results

WordPress Search in an Alternate Universe