WordPress Tips and Recommendations

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Two recommendations;

  • Cool Timeline
  • Timeline Express

The free versions only offer a single timeline, but both can be installed to provide two timelines. Cool Timeline also adds a button to TinyMCE that allows one to add 'shortcode' to a page or post.

Image Zooming

  • WP Image Zoom

After installing, a new button is available in the TinyMCE text editor that looks like a magnifying glass. Select the image that you want to enhance with zoom capability and click the magnifying glass icon.

Content from Other Sites

  • iFrame

That's it actual name not a reference to manually configure an <iframe>.

Generally it is discouraged to use other site's content in this manner. I found a good use for on several of my sites as an enhanced way of providing sources of information.

Additionally I found a useful tip for making an external site fit within an iframe without horizontal scrollbars.

[iframe src="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Cahuilla" style="overflow-x: hidden;"]