WordPress TwentyFourteen Modifications

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Redirect Image Permalink to Event on Timeline (Found to me more useful to have a "landing page" (Image's Permalink Page) for images)

Redirect Image URL to Event on Timeline (down side is WGET fetches HTML code instead of JPG)

Redirect Timeline Event (AKA Post) Permalink to Event on Timeline


Redirecting sitemap_index.xml to a different file


The above redirections rely on proper naming conventions for Image and Post Permalinks (which also determines the ID Attribute for an Element). Additionally, Apache level or WordPress level Redirects are also necessary for scrolling to a Fragment Link (AKA Anchor Link) on a web page.

Other Coding

Timeline Express: Scroll delay and adjustment to bring Event on Timeline into view

A JavaScript function for Post Navigation

To Do

functions.php: Add a script to every page (per the existing Post example) for navigation to raw URL of image

Use code further down in functions.php file for Post Navigation and use something similar in the image.php file.